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Single Phase motor speed control (1.5 HP)

This regulator is ideal choice for the Fan Speed Regulation up to 1.5Hp motors used in Air Flow Regulation. Application area is Pass box or AHU controller ,Air curtains where air flow need to be regulated. Speed adjustment knows allow motor speed to control from zero up to Maximum speed.

User Features :
  • • 230Vac regulator for Fan speed regulation
  • • Enclosure with air ventilation grill
  • • Two wire connection live in and motor control out
  • • Robust power control circuit with high power electronics
  • • Compact design for space saving in Control panel
  • • Knob to control motor speed

  • Technical Features :
  • • Speed control up to 1.5 Hp used in Pass box / AHU Control Air curtain
  • • Robust design for long life
  • • High power electronics
  • • Transient protection in Power circuit
  • • Regulator tested up to 2 Hp motors for functioning and suitable cooling for power component given through large heat sink and air ventilation grill
  • • Operating supply 230Vac