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Heater Failure Relay

Heater failure relay has application of monitoring current of three heaters simultaneously. Each heater has adjustable set point preset and corresponding relay output with NO/NC contact. In case of heater coil failure relay will trip and potential free contact can be used to interface with PLC for fault detection. Three CT (20Amp) with three relay with NO/NC contact can be integrated in the system.

User Features :
  • • Continuous monitoring of heater current
  • • Adjustable setting for tripping of electronic circuit
  • • Relay changeover for trip sensing
  • • CT of 20 Amp for current monitoring
  • • Three CT inputs
  • • Three Relay changeover NO/NC contacts
  • • Easy interfacing to PLC

  • Technical Features :
  • • Three heater failure monitoring
  • • CT 20 Amps can be upgraded for High current
  • • Three relay outputs with potential free NO/NC contact
  • • Simple sturdy proven design
  • • Operating supply 230Vac