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Inprocess Amplifier dual channel (Two Transducer – Single head Inductive)

In Process Amplifier (HMS-H5) dual has application in measuring diameter of interrupted gear part during grinding operation. Measuring head continuously monitor diameter of interrupted surface and display measurement on the Analog dial . Amplifier has settable damping memory to smooth out interrupted signal.

Amplifier has been provided with Analog Dual sensitive meter, three set points, Adjustable Auto retraction time setting, Offset adjusts Potentiometer.

Selection rotary switch has been given for setting measurement independently and Sigma position to add both reading ( A,B,Sigma )

Measuring head connected to In Process Amplifier continuously measures work piece diameter during grinding operation and compares with set-points presets in amplifier. In-feed controls of machine are control and Grinding wheel retract signal is applied once diameter of the component reaches set final zero value.

User Features :
  • • Meter Scale change indication
  • • Three Set point points adjust pot for Rough, Fine, Spark out
  • • Measurement selection switch A,B,Sigma
  • • Wheel Auto retract time setting Pot.
  • • Single Measuring Head Inductive type can be connected to Amplifier
  • • Wheel Auto retract setting Pot.
  • • Zero offset adjustment Pot.
  • • Direct replacement MARPOSS E-9 with inductive gauge head as output connector is PIN TO PIN compatible (Harting connector compatibility)

  • Technical Features :
  • • TRANSDUCERS: Inductive (air gap): no.2 transducer
  • • MEASURING HEADS: One (2 finger Transducer gauge head
  • • ANALOGIC DISPLAY OF THE MEASURE: Meter with Dual sensitive scale (500- 0 -100) &(50 - 0 - 10)
  • • LOGIC I/O's: Potential free NO/NC Contact (4 No.)
  • • Power Supply : 230Vac – 50Hz
  • • Application Area for In Process Amplifier: Cylindrical grinding machine control.